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Frequently Asked Questions

Residencia de estudiantes en cadiz

  1. What University is the Cádiz CAMPUS Residence in?

    In the Universidad de Cádiz.

  2. What documentation do I have to present to make a reservation?
    • The filled and signed reservation contract.
    • A receipt for the bank deposit in the amount of €300.
  3. What documentation do I have to present to finalize the contract?
    • Printed application for admission
    • Photocopy of identification documents of the contract holder and the resident
    • Two ID-sized photos
    • Upon admission to the university, you must present a photocopy of your enrolment certificate.
  4. What services does the Campus residence offer students?
    • Full pension Monday through Saturday midday (the dining room will remain closed Saturday nights, Sundays and teaching days according to the UCA calendar on the Cádiz campus  )
    • Room cleaning services twice weekly, cable internet (must bring your own connection cable),
    • Multi-use room with television
    • 24-hour staff
  5. What are the admission requirements?

    You must be a student or personnel associated with the university.

  6. Can I have guests?
    • Residents may receive guests between 10:00 and 22:00 (10:00 pm).
    • Weekends 5 residents may receive guests coming in Friday and leaving on Sunday.

    *visits allowed under the condition that the facilities are used properly and behavior is in line with the residence’s rules of cohabitation.

  7. What are the residence’s hours?

    Open 24 hours.

  8. How can I make a payment?

    Quarterly in advance by bank debit

  9. Do I have to bring sheets and towels?

    Yes, residents must bring bedclothes and bath accessories.

  10. Do the rooms have their own lavatory?

    Yes, both the individual rooms and the double rooms have their own lavatory in the apartment.

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